90. Llangrannog – Parcllyn

90. Llangrannog – Parcllyn

Distance: 6.66

Max Altitude: 131 m

Min Altitude: 10 m

Height Gain: 483 m

Height Loss: 367 m

Before I even set off today, I knew that it was going to be a nostalgia-heavy day. I would once again be travelling through some of my favourite childhood beaches. 

I couldn’t wait. 

I left from the beach at Llangrannog. It was absolutely heaving, with every possible inch of sand occupied by bodies, towels and windbreakers. Rather them than me. 

The ascent out of the village took me up a steep road with a hairpin bend at the top. My grandfather used to deliver post to Llangrannog. This turn is notorious for much gear-grinding to this day, but he used to handle it with expertise. 

On the hill is this fellow, St Carannog (480 – 540AD), founder of Llangrannog. 

He’s been looking out on the village since he was placed here in 2011. And what a view.

The Wales Coast Path continued upwards on the cliff edge. It was hot and sunny. Two kayakers were also heading south beside me.

Up ahead I spied the tiny secret beach of Traeth Bach which is between Carreg y Nodwydd and Carreg-y-Tŷ. 

The path was empty. A few people had made the trek to Traeth Bach though. 


Another horrible slog up a hill and I was almost at Penbryn. I’m largely unfamiliar with this beach. My mother was never keen on it because she insists a man from her village drowned in quicksand there many moons ago. When I get back I’m going to check the death records on this one.

The ascents didn’t stop. My lungs hated me and so did my calves and knees. It wasn’t far to Tresaith though. 

It was very busy in Tresaith so I chose not to stop. Also, I wanted to get to Aberporth quicker. 

This was the beach of choice for my family when I was little. Summer days were spent playing in the sand and rock pools, having slush (blue) in the cafe and rowing around in my dinghy. 

And suddenly here I was!

Starving, I had a pizza at Cwtch Glanmordy, overlooking the above Traeth Dyffryn.

I rejoined the Wales Coast Path which hugged the shore and took me past this memorial. 

In a couple of minutes I reached the other Aberporth beach, Traeth Dolwen. Home from home.

How great to be back. So many good memories in this place. 

I considered just stopping here but I decided to continue on for a little bit. Every step counts, after all. I followed the Wales Coast Path signs past the beach and up the hill. I was back on unfamiliar territory almost immediately. 

The WCP in this neck of the woods is diverted away from the coast inland in order to avoid the QinetiQ base, formerly known as DERA. I suddenly found myself walking next to security fences and signs like these, which I’d seen quite a few of dotted around the last few days. 

I called it a day and stopped here. My feet were in a poor state and the sun was setting. 

Tomorrow, I decided, would be a day off. 

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