67. Pontllyfni – Trefor

67. Pontllyfni – Trefor

Distance: 8.16 miles

Max Altitude: 67 m

Min Altitude: 3 m

Height Gain: 217 m

Height Loss: 157 m

I wasn’t sure what to do about today. I didn’t know whether to have a total rest day or just carry on. So I decided to compromise and do a half day instead.

I rejoined the Wales Coast Path at Pontllyfni. As with the previous day, the route was a rather dull stretch next to the A499. But to my left shoulder was the ominous sight of Gyrn Ddu, towering.

Whilst in front of me was Yr Eifl, the mountain range consisting of three peaks. This was what I could see so prominently from Ynys Môn on a fine day as I rounded the south west tip.

I ambled onwards next to the traffic but trying to concentrate on the mountains instead. Finally a right hand turn took me off the road and towards Trefor. I was overjoyed at reaching the quiet beach, and even more thrilled to be greeted there by this happy-looking tractor.

I nosed around the harbour for a while and was mesmerised by the setting. I mean, look at it…

This pier just around the corner from the harbour was recently condemned. However there were still people fishing on it. Braver than me, that’s for sure.

I decided at this point to call it a day. Tomorrow is going to be a biggie.


10 thoughts on “67. Pontllyfni – Trefor

  1. Wow!!! What a beautiful place to stop for the day. You are giving me a whole list of places to add to my list of places to visit. Who needs to go abroad when there is so much still to explore on our doorstep. Thank you for being my Travel guide 😉 xxx

  2. There’s a great campsite at Porth Colman with a cafe run by an 18 yr old girl as her holiday job. Stay there & have breakfast at the cafe if you get the chance. And another good cafe at Porth Oer. I’m becoming an expert on all the cafes on the route! Enjoy the Llyn 😃

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