61. Pontrhydybont (Four Mile Bridge) – Malltraeth

61. Pontrhydybont (Four Mile Bridge) – Malltraeth

Distance: 18.5 miles

Max Altitude: 57 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 302 m

Height Loss: 308 m

That was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. I awoke in Gary’s house refreshed. And I was able to have a proper wash too. Heaven. Diolch o galon i ti a’r teulu oll, Gary!

It was a pretty decent day for walking. Not too hot or cold, but sunny and with a fresh breeze. The optimum day to get some miles underfoot.

I left Pontrhydybont and was soon back on Ynys Môn, where I was taken through farmland, marsh and foreshore, first off.

The terrain began to change and it became very sandy underfoot. Something told me that I was getting closer to RAF Valley. The signs were very subtle…

Ignoring the welcoming notices beside me I strode onto a wide beach which would take me around the coast to Rhosneigr. It stretched right out in front of me.

The going was pretty difficult because every step I took sank my feet into the soft sand. It was energy sapping but the wind was behind me, and I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of it.

I noticed lots of jellyfish that had been washed up.


That’s when my feet got soaked as I tried, unsuccessfully, to navigate a river. I wanted to stop when I got to Rhosneigr itself (to dry my trainers amongst other things) but the cafes and restaurants were fully booked. So I ate a snack instead and ploughed on.

Up ahead was a mound and inside it a Neolithic burial chamber, dating from 2500BC. Most of the features at Barclodiad-y-Gawres are behind bars in order to protect it.

As afternoon became evening, I surveyed where I had come from. There was Mynydd Tŵr (Holyhead Mountain) all the way in the distance.

The tide was in, which was a shame, and bad timing on my part. Had it been low, I could have visited St Cwyfan.

This church is perched on a miniature island called Cribinau and encircled by a sea wall. It dates back to the 12th century. Another place to return to.

I went inland to Aberffraw in search of some grub but my plans were thwarted once more. The pub stopped serving at 6pm and the shop was shut. Gah!

So I had no choice but to walk on to Malltraeth since that’s where camp was. 

I was shattered when I got there but also quietly pleased. I had gone my longest distance in weeks despite my feet. 

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