57. Porth Swtan – Llanfachraeth

57. Porth Swtan – Llanfachraeth

Distance: 8.08 miles

Max Altitude: 29 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 147 m

Height Loss: 160 m

What a night of sleep that wasn’t! I had expected storms, and boy, they didn’t disappoint. I spent the night in some sort of half consciousness wondering whether the wind would be so strong as to lift Clark Tent up into the air and off out to sea… That didn’t happen, but nor did any sleep either. 

So I woke up bleary and irritated. I cooked porridge and ate it half heartedly. After washing, I was on my way once more, heading south. 

Thank you to Karen from the Gadlys campsite in Porth Swtan for generously donating a pitch. It’s a stunning spot with a warm welcome. 

The sun was out and the sky a cheery blue. What a difference a few hours can make on the Wales Coast Path.

I arrived at Porth Tyddyn-Ucha and decided that this would be a good spot to elevate my feet. Plus I hadn’t had coffee yet. A cardinal sin surely!

Across the bay, I could see Holyhead in the distance. A huge ferry from Ireland was coming into dock. I watched with fascination. 

After a strong coffee and several biscuits I continued. Before I knew it I had reached Porth Penrhyn. 

The path took me through a park with dozens and dozens of static caravans. Usually, I would curse such ugliness but not today. Why? Well, they had a shop on site (yes, I am that fickle these days). I bought myself an ice cream and stocked up on a few supplies before rejoining the trail. 

I trekked across farmers’ fields and on roads, through reeds and marshland. The Wales Coast Path arrived at a broad beach which seemed to go on for miles. I was the only person there. Had it not been for my painful feet, I would have donned my bathing costume and gone for a dip. 

The sun on my face was heavenly but the grit in my shoes wasn’t. I stopped to brush them off and just laid there for a while with my eyes closed. Bliss.

I could have stayed there forever but I had a room to get to, once again organised by the wonderful Terry!

Thank you to Liz and Steve at the Holland Hotel Llanfachraeth for giving me such a friendly welcome. It meant the world to this weary traveller. The delight of a bed and shower was beyond compare!

My evening was spent catching up with old friend, Gary, whom I used to work with at the BBC. 

I passed out, probably with a smile on my face, as soon as my head hit the pillow.

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