45. Traeth Coch – Borth-Wen

45. Traeth Coch – Borth-Wen

Distance: 6.7 miles

Max Altitude: 33 m

Min Altitude: 3 m

Height Gain: 98 m

Height Loss: 79 m

Today’s walk started after midday and a morning of rain and wind. Yesterday’s blue skies were now today’s grey storm clouds.
Traeth Coch looked a different beach from yesterday.

The area was soggy marshland and the path followed a series of duckboards which led onto the sea wall. There were a series of passing points on the wall, since it was so narrow, and on each one I passed I noticed that somebody had made shell offerings. What a nice touch. 

It was dry when I started walking but just as I got off the sea wall, a fine intermittent rain began falling. It was enough to make me tuck my phone into my waterproof pocket, which meant no photos. 

It got heavier and heavier until I was all zipped up inside my waterproofs, with just enough of a gap in my hood for my eyes to peep out of. On and on I trudged in the wet, over sand, mud and rocks. I saw nobody. 

Finally I rounded Traeth Coch and reached The Ship Inn. Salvation!

I went inside, had coffee, made good use of the driers in the toilet as well as their wifi, since my mobile signal had long since vanished. 

I got chatting to two couples in the pub. They were staying locally. They quizzed me about my trek and told me some of their own tales. 

After a second coffee the weather had cleared up enough for me to consider going outside again. My clothes and shoes were dry so off I went again after I’d said my goodbyes. Indeed, a blue sky and evening sunshine had appeared. Relief.

I walked around Trwyn Dwlban and Traeth Benllech stretched out in front of me. 

The path was set back from the beach and went through woodland. At times it reminded me of the Inca Trail. 

I reached the front at Benllech. I noticed these little Wales Coast Path ceramic pavement waymarks for the first time since Chepstow.  

Most of the time on Ynys Môn though, I’m following the Anglesey Coast Path waymarks whose logo look like this –

Above Benllech, the path got pretty wild. Lots of it had been repaired quite recently it seemed. I’m guessing that much of it was due to coastal erosion. I looked back at the view of where I’d been once more.

I found a decent campsite, practically on the cliff edge. Earlier I had enquired at another only to be told that it would be £36 to pitch Clark Tent. Thanks but no thanks!

I hadn’t made as much progress as planned because of my feet but I’m not going to be too hard on myself. Every step counts. 

2 thoughts on “45. Traeth Coch – Borth-Wen

  1. Synhwyrol iawn. Diolch am y stori eto. Wedi mwynhau dy stori eto! Hyfryd, yn enwedig gyda’r newyddion erchyll o Nice Thwrci. Mae’r byd a’i Ben I waered!!!! Cariad atat, Mamxxxx

  2. I would say you are making brilliant progress on this challenge. Despite the lack of people about you still manage to get word out there 😊. The photo’s are stunning, maybe #VisitWales will start using them too 😍. Xx

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