22. Diwrnod Salwch; Illness Day

22. Diwrnod Salwch; Illness Day

With the successes come the struggles. One of the bare facts of life. This is something that is magnified when you try to tackle something like walking more than 1000 alone, I’m discovering. 

Yesterday, I experienced several highs – I reached the milestone of half way on the Offa’s Dyke Path, I got the most miles under my belt since I started and I overcame a series of monstrous hill climbs and descents. I felt strong. I felt happy. 

In the middle of the night, out of the blue, I became ill. Reader, I shall spare you the grim details. All I will say is that life on the trail sometimes isn’t pretty. But you just have to get on with it regardless. 

I walked a few miles to a pharmacy to get the appropriate medicine. There was no public transport. I felt weak and a little miserable, if I’m honest. I wanted to be much further down the trail and not having to wait out some bug. 

But such is life. There are blips, big and small, in the road ahead all the time. We just have to walk over them. 

So tomorrow, I shall dust myself off, put on my shoes and start walking again. 

14 thoughts on “22. Diwrnod Salwch; Illness Day

  1. Yn falch dy fod yn well ac wedi gallu mynd ar dramp heddi’. “YMLAEN” yw’n arwyddair!!! Ti’n dangos dewrder.Cariad, Mam.xxxx.

  2. Gobeithio dy fod ti’n teimlo ychydig gwell erbyn hyn Siriol. Diolch am y gwahoddiad i ymuno hefo ti am ddiwrnod o gerdded. Mi faswn i wrth fy modd!

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