19. Diwrnod Aros; Waiting Day

19. Diwrnod Aros; Waiting Day

I woke up this morning in Kington eager to make it to Knighton in good time. But then persistent showers reminded me of my ‘waterproof’ jacket situation, i.e. that I didn’t have one. I had one in my pack that was labelled as such, but by now know better thanks to the experiences of the day before yesterday.

So I ordered a new jacket and sent back the offending one. And here is where the logistics of hiking solo and unsupported come in to play. I had to get it delivered to somewhere I would be in the next few days. I chose Knighton. My intention had been to walk to Knighton today, wait for it to be delivered there tomorrow and then be on my way straight away. I wasn’t counting on showers today though. And nor had I factored in where I was going to watch Wales v Russia in Euro 2016.

After a bit of thought, I made the decision to avoid walking today since I had no rain protection. Instead,  I decided to walk to Knighton tomorrow to pick up my jacket (please let it be delivered!), watch Wales v Russia, camp there tomorrow night and be on my merry way Tuesday morning. Good plan? Yes, I hope so. Complicated? Yes, very.


On a different and bit more emotional note, it’s Father’s Day today, which is never easy for anyone who has lost their dad. I don’t have much more to say beyond what I’ve said in the ‘About‘ page above, but every step of this walk is dedicated to my dad, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2012.


5 thoughts on “19. Diwrnod Aros; Waiting Day

  1. Hyfryd iawn. Diwrnod anodd, Siriol fach! Gobeithio am got newydd fory. Tywydd yn mynd I wella wythnos hyn!!! Hwre! !!! Byddwn yn dod I dy weld cyn bo hir. Cariad mawr, Mamxxxxxxxx

  2. Was thinking of you all day yesterday. Your Dad would be so very proud of all that you do. Good plan for today….give your shoes chance to dry out properly too 💜💜

  3. I did think of you yesterday. I posted my own message then spent most of the day off social media. Keep your strength up, in all senses of the word. I’m sure your Dad would be very proud of all your efforts. Fingers crossed you get your waterproofs soon! xx

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