Gear – Tent

Gear – Tent

Choosing a tent turned out to be a bit more complicated than I had expected. A tent for a ten week expedition requires a bit more thought than a weekend in Glastonbury or a three day surfing trip to the Gower.

Walking Wales requires something that packs up small, and is light, inconspicuous and rugged. I’m going to be wild camping in all weathers and terrains so a barely-waterproof, neon pop-up tent with a packed size larger than my rucksack just wouldn’t do.

So after hunting around the internet, I had my eye on a few suitable candidates. But ultimately it really did come down to weight, size, and of course, price.

I have chosen the Snugpak Ionosphere ™ (yes it really does have a ™ in the title) as my home for the  journey.

Clark Tent

It’s light, takes a couple of minutes to pitch, packs up small and is waterproof. It was £129.00 from Outdoor GB, which I think is a bargain compared with other ultralight tents in the same category.

What more could a hiker want? A shorter name perhaps? Snugpak Ionosphere ™ is a bit of a mouthful so instead I’m christening him Clark Tent. I’m sure Clark and I will have many happy hours together in the driving rain come June 1st.

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