142. Cydweli (Kidwelly)

142. Cydweli (Kidwelly)


Distance: 1.3 miles

Max Altitude: 17 m

Min Altitude: 4 m

Height Gain: 15 m

Height Loss: 16 m

This was quite clearly one of my shortest walks so far. I left Cydweli following food at the Tea For Two cafe (which is very nice and run by lovely people, incidentally). Before I had even set out, my feet were giving me hell. I had promised myself that I would stop moaning about my feet on this blog, but by the same token, I can’t lie either. I literally hobbled out of the town, wincing. Yesterday had clearly had an impact on the trotters.

The Wales Coast Path hung a right onto a track next to Pembrey Airport towards Pembrey Forest; beyond that there would be a long walk along Cefn Sidan sands. I stood a while at the turn off point and pondered whether I was in a good enough condition to make it the whole way. It was a remote stretch and I would likely be alone for a few hours with no promise of a mobile signal. With my sensible hat on (I do have one in my wardrobe, you know), I decided to not continue.

I was disappointed in myself. I just wanted to walk. Sometimes though, mind over matter just isn’t enough when you’re carrying a chronic and worsening injury. Every day I am told by various people to finish my walk at a later date, or to quit, or to go home altogether for a rest, and every day I resist and carry on.

I suppose it’s hard to grasp why. It baffles even me sometimes. However, this trek is a very personal thing to me, and profoundly so. Also, I’m very stubborn (something inherited from my dad and a trait that I’m convinced is buried deep in my DNA).




And beyond that, this trek aims to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer. Those of us who have witnessed this killer disease know of its horrific cruelty. If I were to quit this trek now because of my feet (no matter what their pitiful state is), or even to postpone it, I would feel as though I were doing a disservice to the cause.

So I will carry on, regardless. Tomorrow though. Today I am having a rest.

6 thoughts on “142. Cydweli (Kidwelly)

  1. Those of us following you need no further proof of your determination to keep going no matter what !!! I’m sure most, like me, are relieved to see you make the sensible decision. In my opinion struggling through with your feet in their condition magnifies this achievement so don’t be disappointed in yourself, be very,very proud. X

  2. Hi Siriol,

    Your dad would be so proud of what you’ve achieved. You’ve walked an incredible distance and shown real grit and determination. I am in awe of you. Rest your feet for a day or two if you need to, but keep going. You’re so close to home. You’re almost there! There’s the beautiful Gower Peninsula to come and then you’re on the home straight!

    You’re and inspiration, Siriol. Press on!

  3. Don’t beat yourself up about having a rest day! You have done and are doing amazing!! Rest if you need to and carry on when ready. Your determination really is inspiring (as I sit here feeling sorry for myself while bunged up with cold).
    Big hugs to you for your continued journey. xxx

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