139. Talacharn (Laugharne) – Llansteffan

139. Talacharn (Laugharne) – Llansteffan

Distance: 14.29 miles

Max Altitude: 106 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 360 m

Height Loss: 359 m

My wishes came true because I woke to a blue sky with clouded sunshine in Laugharne. Today would be a good day. I did a quick stat check and realised that I had reached the 1001th mile of my hike yesterday coupled with a total climb of 83,000ft. Today would be an even better day.

I set off from the castle.

A castle was established here in 1116. After being burnt down it was rebuilt by the Normans, and captured by Llywelyn Fawr in 1215. During the English Civil War the castle was captured by Royalists in 1644. During this time it was destroyed by cannon and left to go to rack and ruin.

Just a couple of hundred metres down the coast stands the famous Dylan Thomas Boathouse.

It would be hard to not be inspired by the view from the Boathouse.

Just before the path reaches the Boathouse, it passes by Thomas’ writing shed.

It has been left pretty much as it was.

I have visited the Boathouse a few times before now. Maybe I should have gone in again. It’s another to add to the return list.

I continued to be wowed by the view and the enormous sky.

After this point the path deviated away from the coast. It was to remain pretty much – except for a couple of instances – that way for the next few days.

I met a couple of women on the track who were lost and asked me for directions. I told them where they were and where they needed to be. They pointed east and asked me where they’d get to if they just continued that way. “This is the Wales Coast Path and you’ll end up in Chepstow”, I said.

The clouds were rolling in by the time I got to Sanclêr (St Clears) and crossed the Afon Taf.

And within minutes I was crossing another river, this time the Afon Dewi Fawr.

The Wales Coast Path deviated way inland yet again, across farmland and down tiny country roads until I got to Llansteffan. It may have been dull but I was grateful for the simple terrain – less chance of rolling my ankle on an even surface for one thing.

Opposite me was Glan-y-Fferi (Ferryside) and where I’d be walking past in a couple of days.

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