128. Penfro (Pembroke) – Rhoscrowdder

128. Penfro (Pembroke) – Rhoscrowdder

Distance: 11.1 miles

Max Altitude: 80 m

Min Altitude: 10 m

Height Gain: 305 m

Height Loss: 306 m

After a day off for medical purposes, I arrived back on the trail.

I had found myself a new pair of trainers on my day off. The treads on the others had worn down so much that it was like wearing slippers.

My walk started beside Pembroke Castle. The Wales Coast Path runs alongside it, almost right the way around.

This bench was placed here to commemorate the birth of Henry Tudor, who would become Henry VII of England. It was good of them to put a bin there too. Handy.

I left Pembroke and followed the road out of the town for ages, walking on the pavement. I’d had a good look around the town before I got going.

It wasn’t the most inspiring of paths. I walked urban areas and a housing estate until the path led me to a small country road. I could see the power station and traces of heavy industry around me.

Some scenes were more familiar than others. What would the Wales Coast Path be without cows?

I was being careful of my new trainers. Is it just me who doesn’t like getting new shoes dirty? I avoided mud as best I could and walked on tarmac and concrete if possible. I was determined to keep my new footwear clean for as long as possible.

I followed a road next to the power station which led me onto a forest trail, a muddy forest trail. No way! I turned back and walked on the side of the road, which led me on a path right next to the Valero oil refinery.

By the time I reached Rhoscrowdder, my feet were aching badly. However comfortable my new trainers were, they were not yet worn in and were starting to pinch my feet.

I stopped next to the church. For you Welsh poetry aficionados out there, this is where Waldo Williams composed the poem ‘Cofio’ in 1931. He was harvesting turnips at the time. There’s a remembrance plaque there to commemorate it.

I peeled my socks off to reveal some fresh blisters. I had managed to keep my trainers in pristine condition, but not so my feet, alas.

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  1. Was just thinking about you when your blog popped up. Hope you are being sensible….I know its a big ask. You are doing awesome xxx

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