110. Niwgwl (Newgale) – Hafan San Ffraid (St. Bride’s Haven)

110. Niwgwl (Newgale) – Hafan San Ffraid (St. Bride’s Haven)

Distance: 12.67

Max Altitude: 81 m

Min Altitude: 3 m

Height Gain: 475 m

Height Loss: 475 m

My flip flops finally gave way after months of trusty service. Despite my best efforts with gaffa tape, they could not be saved. So I decided to get another pair in a surf shop before I left Newgale. I found some I liked, bought them, had a cup of tea and started walking.

It was overcast and washed out, weather-wise. But the geology was astounding.

It didn’t take me long to reach Nolton Haven.

I got down to the beach and decided that it would be the perfect time to try my  flip flops on. I walked about the sand exploring and taking photos in my brand new footwear.

What I hadn’t realised was that I had trodden in dog muck, considerately left behind on the beach by some ******* (insert applicable term) dog and its owner.

Disgusted and traumatised I began to scrape the foul-smelling material from the sole, gagging every couple of seconds.  I cleaned until every trace was gone. Then I doused them in anti-bacterial hand sanitiser for good measure.

On the up side though, I found a stone on the beach that looks like a sombrero.

I continued.

Not long out of Nolton Haven, I ambled past the so-called ‘Teletubby’ house, named Malator. I had no firm opinions on it whatsoever except it looks like a huge eye.

I was more excited about this washed-up buoy to be honest.

This is a memorial to Olympic swimmer, Glyn Charles, who died at sea. He wasn’t from Pembrokeshire but he loved it, according to the inscription.

And then I encountered this huge beast. How grateful I was that there was a fence separating me from him. Look at the size of the horns!

Broad Haven was empty but for a few people wandering about. Imagine the same spot just three weeks ago…. throngs of tourists everywhere no doubt. I was glad to be passing through on a quiet day.

I had a quick coffee and a bit before continuing to Little Haven.

It was also very quiet. It suited me.

How chuffed I was to encounter seals yet again on my walk. I heard them calling before I got to the cliff edge and sure as anything, there they were on the shore. Joy!

Nearby was another family member bobbing about in the sea. Granted these are not the most detailed photographs!

Did you know that in Pembrokeshire they have cows which faithfully point you in the right direction?

I didn’t have long to go. Dusk was on its way. Meanwhile, I thought this bit of the cliff looked like a steak (rare).

Around the headland was my stopping place for the evening, San Ffraid (St. Bride’s Haven). Relief.

My feet were swollen and painful. But I had a treat awaiting me so I almost didn’t care. Tireless Terry had organised a bed at a nearby B&B for me. I arrived at Pendyffryn in Little Haven before it got dark and was shown to my wonderful room by Rosemary. What a welcome and a surprise!

I had a shower and watched the news (which I goggled at in bemusement; I am a little out of touch with current affairs by now). I fell asleep exhausted but glad to have a roof over my head.

7 thoughts on “110. Niwgwl (Newgale) – Hafan San Ffraid (St. Bride’s Haven)

  1. I have fond memories of that area – stayed in Broad Haven YHA for a week during a school geology trip. Was a fun week! Beautiful area!

    Nasty surprises left by inconsiderate dog owners tho! As a dog lover (and cleaner upper) the irresponsible ones really get my goat!

    Keep going! Still think of your achievement even though I have some catching up of your blog to do! xxx

  2. Due to circumstances I have not been able to follow for a while, but am thoroughly enjoying catching up!
    Your quest is admirable and you have shown gumption of a great magnitude to still be so upbeat in spite of your challenges

    I am truly proud to call you friend

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