91. Diwrnod Gorffwys – Rest Day

91. Diwrnod Gorffwys – Rest Day

The soles of my feet are badly bruised so I decided to take a day off today. My feet have been the main problem since I started this trek. I try not to think about the pain most days but when I was faced with them changing colour yesterday, I realised they needed a decent rest. It’s frustrating but that’s the reality.

On the up side, today I finally met in person a lady who had been one of my biggest supporters since I started my hike. 

Almost as soon as I announced my Walking Wales challenge, Chris Grosvenor got in touch with me on Facebook (via my other great supporter and friend, Linda Reardon). Chris is a fellow pancreatic cancer awareness advocate and as soon as she heard about what I was doing, contacted me to offer me accomodation when I finally rounded my way down to South Ceredigion. 

She and her husband, Richard, kindly picked me up in their car and invited me into their Pembrokeshire home where I have been fed, watered and truly made to feel part of the family. I feel very lucky. And I must give them a huge thank you for making me feel so welcome. 

Never doubt the kindness of strangers, or their ability to become friends.

My next post will be from back on the Wales Coast Path, and hopefully with operational feet!

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  1. Love this post Siriol. Love my cousins Richard and Chris for welcoming you. They loved my husband Pete who died from pancreatic cancer in 2012. Continue your amazing journey when you are ready and rested.

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