86. Aberystwyth – Aberystwyth

86. Aberystwyth – Aberystwyth

Distance: 1.86 miles

Max Altitude: 17 m

Min Altitude: 2 m

Height Gain: 30 m

Height Loss: 29 m

I had every intention of pushing on to Llanrhystud today, honestly. But it just didn’t happen.

I awoke with a mouth like the Sahara. I was still dehydrated from yesterday. I went for breakfast and drank lots and lots of fluid.

I ambled around for a while. I’m not familiar with Aberystwyth at all so thought it a mini duty to get to know it a little bit. I noticed the Ceredigion Museum so decided to pay a visit.

Built as a theatre in 1904-5, it was the venue for thousands of events including Eisteddfodau and political meetings. It became a cinema in the early 1930s, which ran until 1977. Ceredigion Museum then took over the building in 1982.

Its purpose is to deepen the understanding of the county.

It’s a very tiny museum but definitely worth a look.


My next stop was the pier. I have so far walked down every pier I’ve come across so Aberystwyth was to be no exception.


For years I have ‘collected’ graffiti so was delighted to see these examples on my wanderings around the town.

And then the pinnacle of the day – I met up with Dafydd, another hiker who I’d bumped into weeks and weeks ago on the Offa’s Dyke Path. Since then we have remained in touch via Twitter and he has been a wonderful moral support.

We talked for hours and compared notes. It was fantastic to be able to talk with someone face to face about the various experiences of the long distance hiker. The world, and Wales, was also put dead to rights.

But then came the inevitable sad goodbye (yes, yet another!).

I started walking out of the town but as I did, the rain began to fall harder and harder, while the path ahead looked bleaker and bleaker. Hmm.

I turned on my heels and returned towards Aberystwyth. I would rest my weary bones here for just one more night.

6 thoughts on “86. Aberystwyth – Aberystwyth

  1. We missed you by a couple of weeks, came to Cymru 2weeks ago. I love the Welsh coast. When you get to Aberaeron treat yourself to a honey ice-cream at the harbour xx

  2. Roeddet yn ddoeth iawn i adael y clogwyn anferth yna tan heddi. Dwi nol yn Gaerdydd yn anffodus neu faswn yn cynnig cadw cwmni cerdded i ti. Ti yn gwneud yn wyrthiol a paid bod yn galed gyda dy hunan yn y tywydd poeth yma. Restio ag yfed yn bwysig. Braf iawn oedd dal lan da ti ddoe! Cymer ofal.

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