82. Fairbourne – Aberdyfi

82. Fairbourne – Aberdyfi

Distance: 16.40 miles

Max Altitude: 78 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 200 m

Height Loss: 201 m

Yesterday’s gales continued overnight. Clark Tent bore the brunt of lashings of rain and howling winds. I, inside, got very little sleep once again. 

I packed away my soggy kit, wondered whether it would ever get dry again, and then got going. 

But I had to get a quick look at the Fairbourne Miniature Railway before I left. 


The Wales Coast Path gets routed away from the coast after Fairbourne. It ends up going through farmland and up hills. Although the sun had come out, I didn’t fancy trudging through muddy fields, so I elected to take the road route for the first section of the day. It was quiet and actually much closer to the coast than the WCP. The scenery was typical.

I made it to Llwyngwril and noticed a yarn bombing on the way into the village. 

And then another…

And another!

I discovered that this is a village project to raise money for the community centre. I thought it was fantastic! As a crocheter, I looked at some of the yarnbombing creations with awe.


And as I departed, there was even a little helper on the WCP waymark to wave me on my way. 

It’s a good thing that the yarnbombing put such a smile on my face because it was then that the clouds opened and the most relentless of rain began. It didn’t stop. For the next few kilometres I trudged in utter misery, soaked. 

I had my head down to avoid rain getting in to my coat past my face. And that led me to missing a waymark. I ended up at a disused quarry which seemed to have a depiction of Paul McCartney as a young child on a poster outside. 

Anyway, I turned back and a few metres away there was the waymark. I was back on track.

I then got to walk over the relatively new Tonfanau Bridge over the Dysynni estuary. This was put here just for the Wales Coast Path. As footbridges go, this is a good one.

By the time I reached Tywyn, it was truly torrential. I just wanted the day to be over and done with as I had a prize waiting for me in Aberdyfi, so on I ploughed. I had a long walk along the beach in order to get there and by the time I reached the end of it, the rain eased off enough for me to take a photo of the gorgeous view I’d had to accompany me. Great isn’t it?

In fairness, on a sunny day it’s probably stunning. But in driving rain and low visibility, not so much. I will have to return…

And so it was that with sore feet and an aching will, I struggled into Aberdyfi and collapsed….into a B&B! Every cloud has a silver lining, and some of those linings come in the form of an actual bed (a dry one at that), with showers, towels and a roof etc. 

How brilliant?

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  1. Am glad you got some respite at the b&b
    My phone isnt letting me see the pics so will have that to look forward when I can log into my laptop. Keep going lovely, you are doing incredibly well xx

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