72. Porth Colmon – Anelog

72. Porth Colmon – Anelog

Distance: 8.1 miles

Max Altitude: 107 m

Min Altitude: 2 m

Height Gain: 277 m

Height Loss: 227 m

Refreshed from my day’s rest yesterday, I found myself raring to go when I woke up. And I needed to be because I was filming an item for the S4C programme, Heno. I met the crew, Gerallt, Dyfan and Dafydd and we got underway at Porth Colmon, where I had finished a couple of days ago. Following a quick interview, I started walking and Gerallt came with me. How fantastic to have company and someone to talk to for a change.

The kilometres fell away, and we were soon at Porth Iago, where Dyfan and Dafydd had gone to meet us. Another quick interview and it was time to say goodbye. Again, I was sad to see the three walk away. It had been a lovely few hours and it was good to be back with a film crew, albeit for a short time.

I ate my lunch overlooking the beach at Port Iago. What a gem this location is.

And then with my rucksack back on my back, I was off once more. The terrain was rugged and wild. Waves smashed into the rocks below me. I’d stop to watch every few minutes, mesmerised.

The next beach was Porthor. I saw it from afar, long and yellow on my horizon. It looked idyllic and I deviated from the Wales Coast Path in order to walk along the beach.

Everything about it was perfect, the sand, the waves, the sky. I took my time walking right at the edge of the water and let the waves roll towards my shoes.

There was a cafe on the other side of the beach so in I went and had a cup of tea and an ice cream. Not long after I got there, a group of woman arrived, all talking in Welsh. Naturally we got chatting and we sat together for ages. From the Corwen and Bala areas, they were also tackling the perimeter of Wales, like me, but were doing it in stages. So it was great to compare notes on the Offa’s Dyke Path and bits of the Wales Coast Path.

Inevitably, it came time to say goodbye (doesn’t it always unfortunately?). Before we parted company though, they stuffed a variety of food into my rucksack – an apple, Jelly Babies, a hunk of cheese, several tiny packets of salt/pepper and a packet of oat biscuits. After cwtches, we went our different ways and I was alone on the trail once more. I hope to see them all again and with a bit of luck, maybe we can all walk together on a few stretches.
I headed away from Porthor, having added it to my ‘must return’ list (which is getting increasingly massive day by day).

The terrain continued to be wild and rugged but looked majestic in the evening sun. The miserable start to the day had been transformed and here was Llŷn around me in all her glory.

With no signal, I had to guess the way to camp, pretty much, in spite of directions. But I guessed well and ended up at Aberdaron Farm Holidays in good time. A tremendous welcome was given by Geraint and Gillian and in no time, Clark Tent was up for the night.

It had been one of those perfect trail days.

5 thoughts on “72. Porth Colmon – Anelog

  1. Falch ti di cyraedd Aberdaron yn saff Siriol. Pob hwyl o hyn ymlaen. Deffo trio ymuno a ti cyn bo hir. Gobeithio ti di mwynhau yr oat cakes! Leri x

      1. Falch ti di mwynhau! Jest I ddeud ein bod in yn aros yn hirdre fawr hefyd! Bechod ni heb gyfarfod adeg yna. Fysat di cael mwy na jest bisced I fwyta! X

  2. Cofnod hyfryd Siriol, diolch am gael bod yn rhan o’r diwrnod! Gobeithio dy fod wedi cael y llun ohonom ni ym Mhorth Iago,

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