70. Rhôs-y-Llan – Porth Colmon

70. Rhôs-y-Llan – Porth Colmon

Distance: 7.25 miles

Max Altitude: 58 m

Min Altitude: 3 m

Height Gain: 166 m

Height Loss: 180 m

The first mission of the day was to find food. My supplies bag was almost empty due to not finding any shops or cafes open. So I walked to Tudweiliog as I had been told that there was a shop and Post Office there. 

The ladies in the Post Office had read about my challenge in the Daily Post when the fabulous Bethan Gwanas wrote her column about me. I restocked on (mainly junk, sadly) food and enquired about WIFI. They pointed me in the direction of The Lion just down the road. So that’s where I headed and spent two hours struggling to get yesterday’s blog online.

Only then could I get back on the trail. I rejoined the Wales Coast Path at Porth Towyn.

Shortly after that last photo was taken, I wandered into a field, off the path, mistakenly. A couple who’d been in the hotel eating pointed me back to the WCP from over a fence and after that, we got talking. Gwilym and Enid are walkers from Bangor who love Llŷn, and really, who can blame them. 

Gwilym told me a few things about the local area. These decaying huts were once owned by fishermen. In the background you can see Yr Eifl, which I passed over a couple of days ago.

The ruined building on the horizon was once the harbourmaster’s house and not a church as I had thought.

Before we said our goodbyes, we spotted something bobbing in the waters below. A seal with a beautiful grey nose had popped its head up for a look around. Feeling happy at seeing yet another seal, I continued alone. 

Reaching Penllech, I had a cheeky tea cake which I’d bought in Tudweiliog. I hadn’t eaten one of these in years. So so good!

It was a windy day, and despite wearing my layers, I was still feeling the chill. As you can see.

One of the things I’ve noticed most in this neck of the woods is landslides. I walk past them almost every day. Some more frightening than others. None more so than this one, on the southern end of Penllech. Clambering down with care, I got past this bit with my heart beating in my throat. 

I walked into Porth Colmon with my feet raging at me so I decided to quit while I was ahead. This bright red tractor signified the end of my journey today.

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