66. Caernarfon – Pontllyfni

66. Caernarfon – Pontllyfni

Distance: 12.42 miles

Max Altitude: 35 m

Min Altitude: 3 m

Height Gain: 133 m

Height Loss: 136 m

I awoke at the crack of dawn once more. Instead of getting irritated, I was actually rather pleased as the sunset over Fferm Is Helen was stunning.

I’m so incredibly grateful to Grace and the rest of the family at Fferm Is Helen for being so welcoming. The facilities are fantastic, as are the views. Without question my favourite campsite so far on my journey. Diolch yn fawr!

After leaving, I headed west on the Wales Coast Path. The Menai Straits were on my right shoulder for a few kilometres. A flotilla of sailing boats were taking advantage of the winds.

I was diverted inland for a good while and finally the trail reached the mudflats and marshes of Y Foryd. Under grey skies it looked pretty atmospheric.

And then came the part of the day I’d been waiting for – Caernarfon Airport! As I arrived a microlight was getting ready to take off. I watched from just a few metres away.

And within minutes the Coastguard Rescue helicopter took to the skies. 

I sat in the cafe and had lunch while watching the various light aircraft take off and land. As I was leaving I noticed that the Caernarfon Airworld Museum was open so I decided to pay a visit. It really didn’t disappoint. 

I spent a happy 90 minutes ooh-ing and ah-ing at the various displays and memorabilia. It’s one of the few museums where you can sit in the cockpits of real vintage aircraft. 


There’s also lots of history regarding the old RAF Llandwrog and its role during WWII, as well as features on some local heroes of the air. 

I left with my head filled with all things aviation and carried on towards Dinas Dinlle. This had been one of my favourite places to come to for a chill out when I worked in Bangor. And although there a few more tourists than there had been back then, it still hadn’t lost its charm. Or its views. This is one place I will never get sick of returning to.

The WCP then cut inland to avoid nesting birds and I found myself walking on the side of the A499, which wasn’t particularly inspiring. 

So I decided to call it a day when I got to Pontllyfni. I had done more than I had planned to but didn’t feel any worse for it.

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