56. Wylfa – Porth Swtan

56. Wylfa – Porth Swtan

Distance: 7.75 miles

Max Altitude: 59 m

Min Altitude: 4 m

Height Gain: 246 m

Height Loss: 236 m

Today began with an inevitable and sad goodbye. I said farewell to my beloved Ann and Noel. They have been thoroughly wonderful these past two weeks, none more so than last week when I was injured. I will be forever grateful for all the help they gave me.

There were smiles all round when they dropped me off at Wylfa Nuclear Power Station.

But as soon as their car pulled away, I had tears in my eyes.

Confusion as to the route of the path kept me somewhat focused on the task ahead. It wasn’t clear and there were a multitude of different maps on signposts, all showing a variety of diversions due to the works taking place on the site. So I went for broke and walked in through the front gate. Lo and behold I saw a waymark! And I was on track. I never would have thought the trail would have gone through a nuclear power station.

I had a light lunch and continued walking across fields. I stopped to consider my route when I came to this sign. Flashbacks of my close scrapes with cattle across Wales suddenly. 

Fortunately, my concerns were unfounded and the giant, snorting beast I was expecting wasn’t there. Phew.

I then bade farewell to Wylfa, as it disappeared out of my sight. 

In front on me appeared Cemlyn Nature Reserve.

This is when things started to go a bit wrong as waymarks got confusing following a choice of inland or shore coastal path. I decided to go inland since I didn’t know the tide times and has no signal on my phone in order to be able to check. 

I got excited when I saw a sign for cream teas. I decided against it when I realised it would take me at least a mile off route. Looking back I regret that. What’s a mile when there’s a scone on the horizon eh??

After that I completely missed my markers and ended up on a walk across farmland for a few kilometres, having to go in certain directions due to being faced with electric fences at every turn. 

There were cattle everywhere. I looked at them. They looked at me.

Cattle = water. And since I was running low on bottled water, I decided to drink from this receptacle. 

But don’t worry if you’re currently reading this while gagging! I used my Water-to-Go bottle. 

Finally, I found the coast again, to my relief. 

I walked to the next cove and decided to have a cup of coffee and a biscuit.

Energised, I strode on to my stopping point for the night, Porth Swtan. It stretch 

It stretched out in front of me and I stopped for a while to take it all in. The weather wasn’t the best but that didn’t matter.

Ever the great friend, Terry from Terry’s Trek had organised a free pitch for me at the Gadlys campsite. What a star. So off I went to set Clark Tent up. I was given a warm welcome at the site, and took the opportunity to have a hot shower. 

All was well.



Fe fydda i’n gweld eisiau eistedd o flaen yr adolygiad bapurau newydd gyda’n gilydd yn bwyta orennau bach! Diolch o galon am bopeth dros yr wythnosau ddiwethaf. X

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