46. Borth-Wen – Traeth Lligwy

46. Borth-Wen – Traeth Lligwy

Distance: 8.13 miles

Max Altitude: 57 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 195 m

Height Loss: 195 m

This walking lark can be an odd business. Sometimes despite making zero effort, the kilometres fall away and before you know it, you’re 15km further along the path. Other times, it’s a slog and a centimetre by centimetre affair. It’s without any explanation but today was mostly the latter.

I started, as ever, from where I had left off. I was between Benllech and Traeth Bychan high above the sea. The Wales Coast Path in this section is covered in dense foliage. For about two kilometres I fought my way through the undergrowth like an explorer in the Amazon. I had the same old machete yearning that I often get in these situations. You think I’m exaggerating?

I arrived at the edge of Traeth Bychan. The path went across the cliff edge, but since the tide was out I thought I’d just walk across the beach.

Needing a boost, I had a banana milkshake at the nearby cafe and then got on my way again. I should have taken a photo of this wondrous milkshake but I was too busy slurping it down. 

Energised, I walked on towards Moelfre. There had been a landslide there recently so the Wales Coast Path had been rerouted. So I walked across the rocks towards the town. The colours were almost unreal. 

I didn’t stop in Moelfre but continued along the coast.

I arrived at Moelfre Lifeboat Station and the memorial to the Royal Charter disaster of 1859

Nearby is also a statue dedicated to former lifeboat coxswain, Dic Evans, who helped save the lives of those onboard the Hindlea almost 100 years to the day after the Royal Charter disaster.


Heading towards Traeth Lligwy, I landed at Bryn Wylfa, a look out point with a sculpture to mark the spot.

The earlier overcast day had cleared to reveal cheery blue skies, which made Traeth Lligwy look even more stunning.

Not long after, the Wales Coast a Path was diverted inland to avoid an estuary. I decided to call it a day near The Pilot Boat pub.

I should mention that during this entire time, my mobile signal was non-existent. The previous evening, when I had a signal, I had messaged Terry from Terry’s Trek and told him about the £36 tent pitch. Unbeknownst to me during my communications blackout, Terry had been hard at work organising a pitch for the night for me. What a star! 

And so it was that I ended up at Tyddyn Isaf. This is a well-appointed caravan and camping park which sits just above Traeth Lligwy, just north of Moelfre. I received a tremendous welcome from the family, and a complimentary pitch for the evening. I am so grateful and can’t recommend this place highly enough. Diolch yn fawr! 

With Clark Tent set up I virtually passed out with this as my view –

3 thoughts on “46. Borth-Wen – Traeth Lligwy

  1. How lovely of Terry to organise that pitch for you. I still can’t get over the other place charging £36….Ive stayed in cheaper b&b’s and had an en suite 😉. The photo’s as always are stunning. Anyone reading your blog will want to visit. You really are clocking the miles up. You rock girlie 😄 xxx

  2. What amazing views! Love the colour of the skies and water. Very very jealous of you.

    Thank you for bringing my attention to the Royal Charter. What a fascinating story.

    Keep up the good work xx

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