39. Diwrnod Diwylliedig – Cultured Day

39. Diwrnod Diwylliedig – Cultured Day

It was so stormy last night that I barely slept. High winds and heavy rain battered Clark Tent. I shivered and hoped that the canvas wouldn’t give way and take off with me inside. 

Heavy rain and wind continued for the rest of the morning and afternoon. Meanwhile, I was having yet more technical issues getting the latest blog online, and becoming extremely frustrated in the process. Though perhaps this was a blessing in disguise, as otherwise, I would have got soaked dismantling the tent in the storm. Every cloud, eh? 

By mid afternoon, it had cleared up enough for me to consider making a break for it and getting on to the Wales Coast Path towards Bangor. Finally I decided against it and made the decision to do something else instead. 

As I said recently, I feel as though I often just breeze through places at high speed  instead of taking my time and learning about my surroundings. How fortunate am I to be doing this challenge! Should I not savour every moment and take in as much as possible? It seems to me that many of us walkers place too much emphasis on miles achieved under foot, and I include myself there.

So with a sense of virtue (of sorts, anyway), I doubled back on public transport, and ended up visiting the site of Deganwy Castle. 

Now, most tourists and visitors and whatnot will be more than aware of north Wales’ magnificent castles – Conwy, Caernarfon, Harlech, Criccieth, and so forth. But Deganwy Castle is almost unheard of. And why? Well, because very little of it is still standing, unlike the aforementioned. 

The two hills above Deganwy housed a fortress that was in use from at least the Roman period until its final demolition in 1277. It was the site of siege, bloodshed and destruction for centuries. 

If you want to read about it in full – and find out why it’s barely standing – then this page is a wonderful resource. It’s a shame that this castle is so overlooked in comparison to others when its history is so rich and significant. 

As well as a thrilling history, the view from the top of the west hill took my breath away. I couldn’t stop taking photos. Surely this has to be one of the most stunning views in the world…

In sum, I’m so glad that I took the decision not to walk today. Look at what I would have missed. 

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