9. Diwrnod Gorffwys; Rest Day

9. Diwrnod Gorffwys; Rest Day

I’ve been hiking a whole week now. I can hardly believe that it was just a week ago that I set off from the Senedd on my Walking Wales journey. Just a week. I’m not sure if it feels like longer than that or like yesterday. What I do know is that I’ve learnt an awful lot in seven days, about myself and other stuff. As I sit here in Monmouth and contemplate, so many random things spring into my head –

  1. I’m proud to have raised £881.78 so far. I’ve had donations from people I know, as well as total strangers. This is wonderful! I hope I do Pancreatic Cancer UK proud.
  2. The people I speak with about pancreatic cancer are always shocked at the facts surrounding this silent killer. Most haven’t even heard of it. I hope I’m spreading a tiny amount of awareness. I think I am.
  3. Never underestimate or doubt the potential kindness of strangers. My faith in humanity has been restored this past week.
  4. A challenge like this is a ‘wheat from chaff’ marker as to who your true friends are (if you’re reading this, you know who you are and how much I love and appreciate your support).
  5. I am my own worst enemy at times, but my own best friend too. I can get terribly down on myself but I can also drag myself out of it just as quickly too.
  6. “Slow is smooth, smooth is fast”. I almost forgot this sentence that I’ve repeated to myself over and over on hard treks in the past. I won’t forget it again. It’s so true.
  7. I wouldn’t swap a Welsh cake for Kendal mint cake if my life depended on it (well, maybe I would in those circumstances).
  8. Too many pubs are closing down.
  9. My legs hurt.
  10. And finally, a timely and most relevant piece of motivational advice from The Greatest himself, RIP. I will be keeping this in mind as I tackle those hills –



One thought on “9. Diwrnod Gorffwys; Rest Day

  1. Definitely a deep thinking day! Yes, its times like these you learn the true from the pretenders. Counts as a blessing in my book…..
    Today is a whole new day and it will be awesome.
    You are doing this for all the right reasons. The amount of awareness you are raising is wonderful. As someone who has lost family and friends I can say , hand on heart…..am so grateful to you…..and mega proud of you.

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