29. Rhuallt – Prestatyn

29. Rhuallt – Prestatyn

Distance: 7.34 miles

Max Altitude: 262 m

Min Altitude: 1 m

Height Gain: 266 m

Height Loss: 327 m


I woke up after a fantastic night’s sleep. The previous day’s walk in such atrocious conditions had banjaxed me. I’d zipped my sleeping bag up and passed out for the night.

I was up with the lark though and making breakfast before 7am. Porridge and coffee was the order of the day, served on a bright green spork! This was to be my last day on the Offa’s Dyke Path and I was excited to be completing it before rejoining the Wales Coast Path, which would take me back to Cardiff.

Still soggy, I donned my waterproofs, though I don’t know why. Force of habit maybe? And off I went, heading towards Prestatyn.

I’d love to be able to share anecdotes and photos aplenty with you, reader. But the truth is that I don’t have any. The weather was as atrocious as it was yesterday and my phone stayed in my pocket. I saw nobody and spoke to nobody (except for the lady who served me in Spar in Dyserth but the “please” and “thank you” conversation wasn’t exactly scintillating). The only saving grace compared to yesterday was the fact that I wasn’t going up any hills. It was down hill all the way and I virtually glided into Prestatyn.

Ok, I lied, I did take this photo but I don’t think it’ll earn me any art awards –

I headed for the sea and sat down on the front for ages just taking in the waves and the sand. I had missed the saltiness.

After a while I headed towards the official end (or beginning if you’re going the other way) of the Offa’s Dyke Path. Even the rain had cleared.


And with that, I realised that my journey on the Offa’s Dyke Path was complete.  I had experienced the whole gamut of emotions on that trail – joy, misery, despair, pride…it had almost broken me at times. But I had done it!

It was time to rest before taking on the rest of my journey back to Cardiff on the Wales Coast Path.

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