26. Llanymynech- Froncysyllte

26. Llanymynech- Froncysyllte

Distance:  18 miles

Max Altitude: 361 m

Min Altitude: 66 m

Height Gain: 859 m

Height Loss: 836 m

I must be the happiest, warmest, driest human being on the planet right now. I’m writing this blog from the comfort of a BnB! No Clark Tent or sleeping bag or sogginess but a bed with an actual duvet, and a ceiling over my head. The joy!

Let’s rewind though. The day started on the Offa’s Dyke Path under cloudy skies that looked to be threatening rain. I left Llanymynech early, as I was keen to make up for the previous day in terms of mileage. It’s a town that straddles the border and no sooner had I walked up the high street that I had this sign behind me –

And this one in front of me –

The first sight to greet me was a hill. Llanymynech is surrounded by quarries. Charles Darwin had spent time here studying the local rocks. I wish I could have had more time to explore but I just needed to walk. 

In no time, I was walking past a golf course. I think this was the fourth one since I left Cardiff. Yet more perplexed staring in my direction. I now expect it. 

It wasn’t long after this that I got lost after getting confused by the waymarks. Yellow, blue, arrows, acorns…which way?!

I got myself back on track and landed on a disused railway line (sometimes the puns just write themselves). 

And as they had been promising since much earlier in the day, the clouds opened and it began to rain. It wasn’t heavy but persistent. I put my phone away, got my waterproof kit on and continued. My new raincoat performed well. 

I walked on and on in the rain, down country roads, through fields, into and out of villages, and up and down hills. My left leg pained me and my feet were aching but I didn’t stop. 

In time I saw Chirk Castle in the distance. Again, I wanted to explore further but with wet feet and aching limbs, now was unfortunately not the time. 

In my head I had made Froncysyllte to be my stopping point. That’s what I aimed for. I wouldn’t cross the aqueduct today though. I didn’t want to waste the experience by doing it in the rain. I would stop walking here and pick up tomorrow, hoping for blue skies and some sunshine. 

I had achieved my longest distance so far on my journey and in pretty rubbish conditions too. So I got extravagant and booked a BnB, which is where I am right now. My clothes are drying and I have had a bath….a bath! 

Despite the pain, all is well.

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  1. After that distance the B&B is a fit and proper reward. So very proud of you Rambi. This really is a challenge in every sense of the word. Big cwtch xxx

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