25. Llandrinio – Llanymynech

25. Llandrinio – Llanymynech

Distance: 3.08 miles

Max Altitude: 75 m

Min Altitude: 65 m

Height Gain: 21 m

Height Loss: 13 m

Today was a strange short day in terms of walking but seemed ever so long in terms of everything else. 

I departed from where I had stopped – The Punch Bowl in Llandrinio. I had so many things that I needed to do, but amidst all of it I also needed to work out where I was going to watch Wales V Northern Ireland in Euro 2016. Deciding where to view the football is proving to be one of the main logistical challenges of this entire walk….(!) 

The less interesting stuff included day to day stuff, which, when you’re at home, takes no time (packing stuff, posting stuff, washing stuff), but on the trail, takes all the time in the world. Or that’s how it feels, at least. 

It was a miserable overcast day with scattered showers. The pain in my left leg was increasing so I walked to Llanymynech without paying any attention to the local environs, I’m sorry to say. Headphones in, walk on. 

I managed to get a couple of things sorted in Llanymynech but ended up having to take public transport back to Y Trallwng (Welshpool) to finish everything up. 

I found a campsite but it was a members’ only one. So then had to trawl around for another. By the time I found one it was almost time for the match. I had no time to get to a pub because I was off the beaten track. My solution was to stream the match using my mobile wifi (with a dodgy signal) and watch it on my phone inside Clark Tent. 

What a horrible game to watch, and I’m not talking about the constant buffering either. It was one of those games where I decided (once again) that I hated watching football as it was far too stressful. The only goal was a joy when it happened. But I aged several decades waiting for that final whistle. As if the Offa’s Dyke Path hasn’t aged me enough!

ADD: My mobile signal was so horrible that this blog failed to go online in a timely fashion, which I do apologise for.

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