20. Ceintyn – Dolley Green; Kington – Dolley Green

20. Ceintyn – Dolley Green; Kington – Dolley Green

Step Count: 24,619

Distance: 11.8 miles

Max Altitude: 329 m

Min Altitude: 150 m

Height Gain: 442 m

Height Loss: 461 m

I awoke to rain on the outside of Clark Tent. However, today was not the day to let the weather get me down because (a) I had a new waterproof jacket arriving and (b) Wales were playing Russia in Euro 2016. Just one thing stood between me and those two things – a walk from Kington to Knighton in the pouring rain!

According to the weather forecast it was due to pass by early afternoon at the latest. But we all know how reliable the forecast is… I had a coffee inside a cafe and waited it out.


Once I saw a break in the clouds I was off, eager to get to Knighton in good time. What I didn’t realise was that the universe had aligned and had placed a number of obstacles in my path (or taken them away, depending on how you look at it). Yes, the problem of missing waymarks yet again. I will save a rant on this subject for another day. I left Knighton through fields and almost immediately went wrong due to the missing signage, which appeared to have been deliberately removed  –

After trudging through several fields of long grass I ended up on a country road, a sight now very familiar to me, when I get lost on the Offa’s Dyke Path. The road led me to Kington Golf Club, which is apparently the highest course in England. And there were some stunning views there too.

And some not so stunning views –

I was having one of those daydreamy days, where I was just walking past waymarks while deep in thought and then having to correct myself. Instead of getting irritated with my mistakes though, I decided to go rogue and busked my own alternative version of the route.

After walking close to Burfa Bog and almost becoming the target of every biting insect in the vicinity, I ended up in the fantastically-named village of Evenjobb. Once again, the amazing views…


By the time I got to Discoed, I was looking at my watch. I had a jacket to collect in Knighton and a football match to witness.


Time was ticking. So I decided to walk another mile or so and assess the situation. When I got to Dolley Green I decided to call it a day. Had it not been for the game, I would have continued walking until late into the night, as it was such a fine evening. Instead, I googled a taxi firm who picked me up and deposited me in Knighton.

I picked up my jacket (pleased as punch with it but more on that another time) before making a beeline for the Horse & Jockey. One half of the pub were settling down to watch Wales v Russian, the other half were poised to watch England v Slovakia. That unique border blend…

But by the end of the evening, there was one side of the pub decidedly more vocal and thrilled than the other. Guess which half I was sitting in…

On a separate note, before I disappear to sleep, I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me such amazing positive greetings over the past few days. They have come via comments on this blog, Facebook, Twitter, text and on my donation page. I really do appreciate every single word and I carry them with me in each step. Diolch yn fawr!

6 thoughts on “20. Ceintyn – Dolley Green; Kington – Dolley Green

  1. I’m really enjoying reading about your adventure! It’s amazing that you’re doing this, you’re very brave. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post 🙂 Love Cassie xxx

  2. I am reading every day about your adventure and really enjoying it. Well done Siriol. * am looking forward to reading tomorrow what you have been doing. What a wonderful match on Monday, well done Wales. Love from Auntie Joan xxx

  3. The more I get to know you, you impress me. Did you know that your name means “cheerful”? Good thing as it just doesn’t help to be grumpy when the going gets tough.
    You go girl!

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