18. Llannewydd – Ceintyn; Newchurch – Kington

18. Llannewydd – Ceintyn; Newchurch – Kington

Step Count: 27,255

Distance: 8.78 miles

Max Altitude: 419 m

Min Altitude: 159 m

Height Gain: 382 m

Height Loss: 476 m

I started where I had left off yesterday, at St Mary’s Church, but considerably drier. The weather was fine and I felt good. After a cup of coffee and biscuit, I set off.

The first challenge was the sharp ascent up Disgwylfa, a hill and common land. It was surprisingly steep but the views made up for it. Two kites soared and jousted high above me.

In about a kilometre I met two Welsh-speaking hikers, Aled and Dafydd, and we spent ages putting the world to rights. They were doing the Offa’s Dyke Path from north to south, and raising money for the charity Mind. So we compared notes as to what was coming up on the ODP in each direction. Bizarrely, Aled had seen one of my tweets about Walking Wales/Cerdded Cymru a few weeks ago, showing what a small world this really is. I love meeting and chatting with other hikers on the trail. But meeting ones who spoke my mother tongue really made my day.

My next pit stop was to be at Gladestry as it’s the only pub between Hay and Kington. I couldn’t wait to get there. I was looking forward to a nice coffee, water and possibly cake (OK, definitely cake). I strode in to town and there was The Royal Oak inviting me in.

Fantastic! In I went…


A closed pub when it’s the only pub for miles is a disheartening thing. So I did the next best thing I could. I sat inside the pub’s smoking shelter, got my Jetboil out and made myself dinner instead.

Cous cous and a latte it was. I feasted on my banquet with my shoes and socks off and with my feet elevated inside the smoking shelter. Don’t tell me I don’t know what haute cuisine means! Puzzled village folk drove past with concerned expressions. But I just savoured every bite.

After packing up, I set off for Hergest Ridge. This could only mean one thing – an ascent. But with my belly full and the sun shining, I made light work of it.

I had a few kilometres to walk across the Ridge to Kington. The entire trail was mine. Not a single other soul was there. I felt on top of the world.

And with that I arrived in Kington, my home for the night.

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  1. You star!!!!! Thank you for the amazing pics and taking me along with you on this journey. Well, in your back pack anyway 😉 xx

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