1. Caerdydd i Llanbedr Gwynllŵg – Cardiff to Peterstone Wentlooge

1. Caerdydd i Llanbedr Gwynllŵg – Cardiff to Peterstone Wentlooge

Step Count: 27,158

Distance: 9.36 miles

Max Altitude: 31 m

Min Altitude: 5 m

Height Gain: 99 m

Height Loss: 97 m

Finally I am underway! Last night was spent packing and tying up all the other bits of admin that needed to be sorted out. Before I knew it I was on the steps of the Senedd this morning getting ready to go. As I was about to leave, it suddenly dawned on me that I was getting ready to walk more than 1000 miles. What on earth was I doing?? I asked Linda Reardon, a fellow pancreatic cancer activist and she confirmed that I might be slightly adrift. Who was I to argue??

It hit 10.56am and off I toddled on my way. I had weighed my bag before leaving and it came in at 44lbs but the weight felt comfortable on my back.

As I walked through Cardiff Bay towards the East Moors I was inundated with messages on social media from well wishers. So a big thank you to everybody who geed me up on my way! It must have been that which accounted for the blistering early pace I was setting (and which I soon reigned in when I came to my senses).

On the way past the sewage works in the East Moors, I met a man walking his dog who asked me if I was out hiking for the day. I told him I’d be hiking for the next eight to ten weeks and he was rather shocked. He asked me why I was making the journey, and was I on holiday. When I told him that I was doing it for charity, he reached into his pocket and gave me a fiver. He wouldn’t tell me his name, so he is now known on my donations page as ‘kind man and dog’.

I think it’s fair to say that this isn’t the most stunning part of the Wales Coast Path, but there is still beauty to be found. Parc Tredelerch is a fine spot, despite being so near to an industrial estate. While this meadow is opposite Lamby Way landfill site


I’ve walked 15km today. It’s not as much as I’ll be doing further on into the trek. But I’m going to take it easy for the first couple of days. Now though, it’s time to set Clark Tent up and get some rest.


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